Friday, 1 November 2013


This past week I've been learning from my painter heroes.

 My painting mentor and teacher, Amaya Gúrpide (check her site here), always reminded us that in order to better understand reality, we had to see how others had interpreted it before us. The best way to do that was, of course, to study former painters. I made many (and not enough) pencil studies during my stay in Madrid, as the city is blessed with many museums that hold incredibly rich collections. But then I had to relocate to Málaga... and sadly, we don't have that many museums here.

 So I was left with only one alternative: study from pictures. It's definitely not the same, as the quality of the printing will never be as good as the original. But hey, then again, I had to continue practising! I decided that, to make it worthwhile, I'd do a bunch more, using digital techniques, and try to be as tight and precise as possible. And boy is this teaching me something: colors are tough, yet great fun! I've done a bunch of thumbnails, and three complete(ish) paintings. I've also included, at the end, the process for two of the paintings.

 I'm a little nerdy when it comes to painting process, and always want to see how others see it. I guess it's only fitting that I also share my own way of painting then. You can click on them to see larger sizes.  I hope you like wh   


  1.  "Portrait of an Unknown Woman" by Ivan Kramskoi. Find more about it here:
  2. "St. Eulalia" by John William Waterhouse. Find info here:
  3. "Arrow Shirt Collars Ad" by J. C. Leyendecker. More info here:

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